Friday, January 31, 2020

The little things

My mom made this sweet little sweater for the little fella on the way. She has a way of sending thoughtful goodies she's made that often bring me to tears. Last Christmas, my first away from home in a while, she sent a whole box of homemade decorations, all painstakingly knitted, crocheted, or felted and carefully wrapped in tissue paper. To think of how much time and thought she put into each and every one. I couldn't imagine a better surprise at that moment. It felt very meaningful for me to have so many reminders of her.

I've been considering what makes a good mother as I am about to embark on this journey myself, something that is at once very natural, but also fairly jarring. I reflect on what a wonderful mother my own has been. I know I won the jackpot: to grow up with someone so loving, self-sacrificing, humble and giving. Someone with endless amount of compassion and kindness. I hope I can carry even a modicum of her actions into my own journey. I will happily wrap up our little nugget in this tiny sweater and think of her.


Amaris in Wonderland said...

How precious!

I hope 2021 finds you all well:
Happy & Healthy :))


Mwahsingtoncross said...

Amaris! You too, my friend!!