Monday, November 4, 2019

San Francisco Gets a Shiny New Mural

Spent the last week painting up in San Francisco. Since there was a tight turn around, I had some helpers. The rest of the space is getting an upgrade, so I'll try to get some pictures when it's all recarpeted and painted, etc.
Cow Hollow is a pretty posh neighborhood, where every dog is a doodle and Patagonia is uniform. Our coffee snobbery was acceptable there. Overall it was a really fun week.

Just getting off the ground. Throwing back to geometry 101 to make a perfect hexagon template.

I've got a pretty steady hand and cant stomach throwing a ball of tape the size of a cow into the landfills, so I cut all of the lines freehanded. Additionally taping an uneven wall, causes a lot of bleeding, so it would probably have to be redone by hand anyway.

Corners with a small brush. Rocking the new respirator.

Artistic and scientific, my husband is the BEST.

Since the mural was in Cow Hollow, we got to experience some of the area's super five star food. I'm not a foodie by any means, but these were some of the best meals I've ever had including this past summer in France and Switzerland. Burmese at Karaweik, Vietnamese crispy fish sandwiches at Pacific Catch, and all the pastries at B Patisserie if you are interested.

Pete brought his running gear to do an early morning run at the Precidio, turned out there was a half marathon the same day so he just turned that into his morning run, and got a shiny new shirt for his efforts. It's still mindboggling that the half marathon is a step down from his training runs.  

That's where she's at now. I'm curious how the update will look on the rest of this 70s building.

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