Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two weeks in a van.

Here with a quick one two of pictures from the road. I apologize for my mediocre job of documenting. I dont know what got into me, usually I'm so thorough. I have some drawings and things, so I'll try to post those later. Anyway it was a fun run, Elizaveta sold out all of her shows in Boston, New York, DC, and Philly. We got to meet a lot of interesting characters, see some of the cities. I got to catch up with some of my closest friends. All in all it was a great two weeks.

A few highlights for me.

  • First morning we ended up on WERS radio, that's Emerson College radio. I was amped, then disappointed, because my cousin who works there is studying abroad this semester. I would've loved to drop in on him unexpectedly. I did meet some of his radio comrades. 
  • At the Boston show a woman who has been following Elizaveta's music and my artwork for a long time gave E and me the most beautiful engraved compasses. How did she know I love compasses? Serendipity. 
  • The Boston opening act Sarah Rabdau and the Self-Employed Assassins did an amazing cover of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill
  • I got to jam at Sheik's apartment. FYI I have carried my red uke on every flight in the past year as a extra extra bag and the TSA has overlooked it every time. Sneaky little thing. Not to mention when people handle it in the overheads they are so insanely careful not to damage it. To see it, touches my heart. 
  • It was cold and rainy in New York so we bundled up and grabbed a coffee at one of Brooklyn's throwback cafes. Nothing beats that. Except coming in from the cold to Sheik's super comfy apartment. She's got style and a great view.
  • The headdress I made looked fanastic at Joe's Pub with the lighting and backdrops. 
  • E appeared on the East Village Radio show Belly of the Beast. The studio is a glass square right on the street with only enough room for a bench and a mixing table. We squeezed in out of the rain. You can listen here. I get .02 seconds of air time too. 
  • In DC Rome's family surprised me by coming to the show. I love surprises. We had a great time laughing over very choice sushi. 
  • My college roommate and closest thing to a sister came to the Philly show. I wish we lived closer together. 
  • In Philly, we had so much fun listening to Jake Snider warm up in the back. He was really talented and friendly. (We talked all about having a shtick.) 
  • On the way back to NYC, the bass player/tour manager (Tony Maceli) had us rolling in the floor with tales of his Sicilian parents. 
  • In NYC again, E played at a private club that was attempting to set a mood with tons of tea candles. They sound checked and all was good. When they returned for the show, tea candles on a strange shoe sculpture were sitting on top of the piano. Halfway through the first piano-thundering song the candles came flying off the piano. It was a near miss with disaster. The dress could've easily gone up in flames. 
  • On the way back to the hotel late one night, I heard the most incredible cellist on the subway. There is something about bass strings. I'm really happy Elizaveta tours with a double bass. It's my favorite instrument. 
  • An invitation to a banquet show in Moscow came out of nowhere one afternoon. For the entire afternoon off, we were scrambling to get visas. Mine didn't workout, see you next time Russia. 
  • Our plane was delayed on the way back to Los Angeles. As we were sitting on the plane we got a call about a show that night! So we flew back to LA, got off the plane, unpacked, dressed up, and went to another show. This one was in a swank restaurant in Beverly Hills. Incredibly glad to be home after that. I pity the insanely wealthy. They are as handicapped as the impoverished. 

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