Monday, May 16, 2011

happy camera

Last week was a long week, but I must've had some kind of astrological windfall, because I got paid up for a lot of work from several of my freelance jobs at once. That meant it was a good camera weekend! I bought a portrait lens with my earnings. Nothing fancy (50mm, 1.8), but I've already gotten some use out of it. We did some shooting at a very important project on Sunday. My friend is involved with a school that is starting in South Central. I'm going to make the website look magnifique with lots of pictures.

There were some great characters there. Some of these were shot with the new lens. Some are from Manzanar two weeks ago. All are gentlemen.


Brandi said...

You took these photos? They're absolutely phenomenal! I'm glad all that money came your way so you could buy that lens.

Kaylia Payne said...

These are fantastic shots!! You my friend are seriously talented.

Missy said...

thank you very very much my friends