Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nancy's brother is Crazy

Best weekend activity: hanging out at Shibat's house with Shibat and Suga. 
Eating fresh oranges and then fine coffee with real cream, and making foil hats, Ha!
Suga is awesome.
He is a great inspiration. About two years ago, he went to the doctor and they told him that his blood sugar levels showed that he was prediabetic. They also found some spotting in his lungs that they thought was cancer. He freaked out and came to the best natural doctor in the world (Shibat of course).

Dr. Shibat put him on a strict program. First, the diet: only organic meat, no processed food or anything out of a box or bag, no sugar, no bread, only raw milk or diary products (point of contention in CA right now), only brown rice, only fresh vegetables and fruit. Suga had been a smoker for 50+ years, so he had to stop smoking and start walking every day. Suga followed the program religiously. Do you know how hard it is to stop smoking after 50 years?!

He lost 20 lbs. and when he went back to the doctor three months later, his sugar levels were normal, his lungs were spotless, he had a clean bill of health. They couldn’t figure out what the heck happened.

It's great inspiration for anyone who might have a similar prognosis from the doctor. Unfortunately, western doctors tend to give medication and casually mention healthy diet and exercise. Some people think a healthy diet is Cracker Barrel or Applesbees. Most doctors don't do much to change that misconception. The focus should be on a healthier lifestyle. It's not easy, but reclaiming your health really can't be. It's hard  work. 

goofing around.. beam me up..

Revival of the cholo pose

This is what I will miss most about LA.

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