Thursday, March 27, 2014

wrap it up.. past month (or so)

This is a music video that just recently wrapped. You are looking at a one woman art department. Although the aesthetic is pretty clearly the directors, I didn't sleep for a week working on it. Clothes, props, eh.. hair. The two dancers got their break on So You Think You Can Dance and were definitely very sweet and talented.

People coming together to make art.

More film! Wrapping on Love Arcadia the feature film (photo by Anna Wu, lots more awesome shots here)

Some friends approached me about building a life-sized boba tea cup with mobile tapioca balls, personality, googley eyes, a back and bottom entrance, and arm holes. I drank my weight in boba tea trying to figure that one out with no budget for a prototype. I'm excited and a little apprehensive to see it on film. Anyone need a plastic worker? For real I'm an expert at vinyl and corrugated plastics now. Sort of.

The story follows three teens graduating high school and navigating that difficult period of decision-making and change. It's a light-hearted and fun movie, but with some pretty thought-provoking undercurrents.

From sketch to set. (That's catchy) It will be out some time next year.

Old fashioned graphic design work. Real old fashioned ie 17th century style. Rachmaninov and Chopin style. These programs were for the annual epic Sannikova recital, pianist and instructor to the star's offspring. 

James Bond party with some crazy people : )

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