Monday, March 31, 2014

Newspaper poetry

// Speaking of choices // Likely to become a long scrimmage of Will / They barely know // The efforts needed to top that big rock // 

A while back I started making these collages in the morning after "reading" the newspaper. Sometimes there's not much reading involved, I just channel aggression at the sports page and tear it up.

Found word poetry is however, really kind of nice and zen. And if/when the poetry sucks you can always hide behind the fact that, well you were just working with what you had. How can you make poetry out of the sports headlines anyway.

But what I've found amazing is that, even though the words aren't mine, they have a way of expressing what's on my mind often far better than if had my choice. Some people pluck their ideas out of the ether, I guess I might be more of an assembler. Either way I highly recommend this experiment.

// As generations of man return to God // The foreign limits of a world // bound by the memory of all that is lost // charges on waiting for happiness //

This one (I guess obvious by the first sentence) is about the older generations departing this world and the lessons that they are taking with them; lessons about being happy and how those of us left behind are wounded by that loss and simultaneously complacent about our own journey; "waiting" for happiness because we dont really have the secrets that our forefathers have taken to the grave.

// Goodbyes are nice // To finish off a rainy day and march ahead // Away from the fire of blame // And an overblown showdown // Making off with nothing but // Lessons from the devil //

This one is melodramatic. About relationships that are so trying, and how it's pleasant when they just fade away rather than end in a gigantic unnecessary scene.

// Money for power // Still the fleeing spoils of a solitary life // See you quietly losing yourself // to earth's unseen spell //

Idealism coming face to face with the realities of participating in the rat race. It's the resistance to the idea that money does equal power, even power over your own destiny. While the answer could be to step away from it all and live like an ascetic in the spiritual world unphased by the theater of power and money, even for an idealist the temptations of the material world are too much to withstand. To enjoy what the earth has to offer you have to pay.


thesmarftore said...

some heavy poems there lol

Anonymous said...

beautiful! a lot of thought provoking work here little lady

gamer275 said...

Nice style