Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TEDtv, headdresses and prints and such

We had an earthquake the other morning at around 6am. I was outside before the shaking even stopped. I've always wondered about the advice to get under a door frame. Wouldn't you just want to get outside where nothing is above you? School me if my logic serves me wrong.

These large format illustrations give the ideas and inspirations behind real wearable art piece, which were all on display at Bergamot in December. Some of them are based on characters from books, some are created based on a specific plant or location. 

See it in the real! Particularly excited to see my work on stage at TED Global in Edinburgh. The video of Elizaveta performing in my head piece and a dress I designed was released this week on their website. Go check it out! Or just click on the video below.

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