Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the art of ice climbing

see that double entendre there.

With the season change, I keep thinking about getting back up to the mountains. Before the leaves are gone, we must get one more camp, one more cold morning around the campfire.

Ice climbing season is coming too; time will tell how warm of a winter it is, but if the falls are frozen, we are going to strap up. Maybe these sketches will get you inspired for some cold weather adventures. What is endearingly called: a suffer-fest!


tamara beck said...

wicked! i dont think i'd ever have the courage to try that

Anonymous said...

Coooool, but definitely not for me! ~ JM

Missy said...

You'd be surprised. It really is not that bad once you get adjusted. The rope you are connected to comes from the top, so if you fall, you just slip a little.