Monday, April 28, 2014

This African book

In the works! I am fine tuning my African sketchbook to get it ready for printing! I'm really happy to be kind of in view of the finish line. I've always dreamed of having a book... of my own... on my shelf.

The book will be a mix of things: an art book first and foremost with drawings, collage, photographs and funny anecdotes, a travel book with stories of our climb on Kilimanjaro, a memento for people who have climbed Kilimanjaro but arent as obsessive about documenting as me, maybe a paper weight, and perhaps a resource for those who might want to climb, or learn about the climate, plants or routes on the mountain, the Serengeti, a little Swahili or some interesting facts about Tanzania.

There are a good deal of books about Kilimanjaro, but nothing that has an artistic edge or combines all of these elements, so I'm hoping it will have a market.


Anonymous said...

Can. Not. Wait. Sounds so cool!

lelana said...

This looks interesting; judging by the photos a best seller !! : )

Missy said...

Thanks guys !