Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dreamer workshop

We finished our first Dreamer Workshop!

Many Thanks to Paul Bernstein for not only being such a perfect host but rocking his job to the nth degree. I wish he had been my teacher.

Back to our workshop. Paul introduced his class to Elizaveta's music a while back. Children seem to respond well to the inspirational quality of her songs. It was nice to see so many adoring faces when we arrived. E's new single Hero uses the idea of transformation from the single off of her last album, Dreamer. Together we worked out a curriculum for the workshop around the concept of dreaming about change to making it actually happen. I brought in supplies from my good friends ReDiscover, and together we made wild and wacky gadgets to help us achieve our goals and become doers! and maybe, (if we work hard - that was the idea), we can become a hero that inspires someone else to make their dreams a reality. 

Check out these cool contraption, one was a good deed dispenser, another changed trash and pollutants into ice cream. I like the way these kids think!

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