Friday, April 1, 2011

under the lights at nokia

Thank you all for your comments! I've got some nice shots, but ahhh I can't show them because they are reserved for future promos. Anyhow hope this will suffice. How about some zebra print?
E had her own huge dressing room with snazzy print floors.
It brought out the rockstar in us; we had to throw a couple lamps. hehe
Getting the head piece on...
Her make-up artist for this show (Marian Filali) created some pretty incredible feather lashes.
and here are the designs! Those shoes are so fun to wear.
 ready for stage..

Officially the unofficial photographer: the managers said I could get on the other side of the stage and photograph from the curtain. The problem though.. a huge piano. My only shot would be black enamel.

I got in the front and dodged the camera crew. It was kind of funny moving with the rig guys, trying not to mess up their kazillion dollar shots. Every once in a while the crew turned the cameras and panned on the crowd. When that happened, I had to jump in a seat and look normal. At one point I thought they were done panning so I hopped up. Just then they turned and BAM I was caught in the shot. Elly's manager said, he was watching the stage then looked up at the big screens just in time to see my deer in headlights look.
Seth MacFarlane crooned away for the rest of the night. (Note the conductor is Joel - the wizard from the other studio shots). The band was fantastic. You don't often hear that quality of jazz and big band live.

Before MacFarlane came out on the stage, you should know the emcee got up and had the audience do a couple fake laughs for the cameras and then some wild clapping that would be later spliced into the final edited version. Got to love the fabricated laugh tracks. Especially when Seth came out on stage talking about how he and Elizaveta had a problem, because they both ended up wearing the same hat to the show that night. Funny Guy or not, there is something to be said for making a scene. Sara Bareilles performed all of the duets in the show with MacFarlane, but the reviews from KPCC the next day didn't even mention her. Instead they dedicated a lengthy passage to Elizaveta. I guess when you get your chance, you have to go for it.

*All or nothing

*(Listening to nothing but Steve Marriott this week) 


j.chong said...

i want a giant headpiece.. ok well i dont really want it to be that giant.. but id like a big ass flower for my head :)

Kimbirdy said...

i am floored by how amazing she looked!!! you are super, crazy talented! it sounds like a pretty magical evening overall. i would love to hear your friend in concert. any more shows coming up?

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Wow, it all looks so amazing! I love all of the flowers, they're stunning!
Wonderful photos :)

Swiss said...

Thank you!! So happy you like the new stuff!
Kim - I'll let you know : )