Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Think even bigger

The current social climate seems like a nihilistic backlash to the New Age Movement, like science is the only thing that can save us (ironically from ourselves). Thanks Bill Nye and Carl Sagan. It's almost en vogue to believe in nothing, to keep it simple and say that when we die; we die. Or whatever. Our lives are for enjoyment, for ambition, for love maybe, or for no reason at all. It's a lot to break off, what is the point anyway?

It's kind of odd how huge a concept that is, and yet how little people talk about it, (regardless of how much they actually think about it.) What's the point of all this? I say looking around at a cup of coffee, some work notes, a basket of laundry and a UFO poster. Such a huge question. It's funny to say it and look at the minutia that glares back.

Bill Nye used to be cute and quirky with his bow tie. Now I find him imperiously rigid. Telling someone, anyone how and what to think is dogmatic. I think Evolutionists can be as pig-headed as Creationist. And I'd like to posit that they might both be wrong!