Wednesday, May 2, 2012

mountain season

Mount Everest from space

I always start thinking about Everest this time of they year. May is the only time humans can get close to the summit. The rest of the year the peak is being blasted with wind and snow. (So I hear.) I used to buy a couple of National Geo Adventure magazines around this time to catch up. One year my Roman came home to find me crying on the couch. He thought something was seriously wrong, but I was just reading this * article, which will make you cry too if  you have any heart.

Well, I don't have to buy the magazine this year because National Geo has gotten hi tech on me. They set up satellites and who only knows what kind of routing mechanisms to get wi-fi on the mountain. Yes, what has this world come to. I can't even get some clean air space on Everest. I wonder if the Tibetan holy land has anything to say about that. I guess it's good for their economy. It costs around $80,000 to climb!

All that money, somebody needs to hear about this. Time to BLOG

All pictures from National Geo -  I wish I took them

* The actual article is only available in PDF form 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Otherwise it might be lost forever.