Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Restoration Hardware Beverly Hills

So I know many of my friends are lovers of Restoration Hardware. This posting is for you. I went to the opening of their Beverly Hills store on Thursday. No, not because I am ridiculously wealthy and am looking to furnish my summer home. You were thinking that. My friend provided the music for the posh gala, and I provided the costume. I'll post some pictures of that, but first to satisfy the interior designer in you.

The designs I had seen in catologues prior were too boxy and stuffy, but obviously once in the showroom all they had to do was show me a map and I was in happyland. Maps they had, lots of nice, somehow newly weathered ones, and 100-year-old brand new books. I've never seen such realistic antiquing. Anyhow enough chatter, pretend like you are carrying wine and bumping into the guy from that movie.

 The chair that says, "I paid the cost to be da boss."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer means camping..

.. we camp in spring and fall too, but it's nice not to be hanging out in Arctic gear.
Pictures of Shibat and I during our camping trip in April taken by Dennis Ho, 
who is an excellent photographer as you can see. 

There's nothing better than warm summer nights around the campfire singing, making smores, telling ghost stories, star gazing, and discussing the meaning of life.

We took off to La Jolla Indian Campground north from San Diego. The campground is on the La Jolla land of the LuiseƱo Indians. We met a guy a while back in the area who was part of the tribe and said that the La Jolla Res was the only Native American reservation established on land that was already occupied by the tribe. Every other tribe was displaced. Imagine how different the US would be today,  if settlers had worked with the Native Americans, instead of against them. Would the style of governing be much different? Would the continent be more ecologically sound? Certainly the American culture would have a stronger bond to the land.

  Our New Yorker and Parisian had never camped before, 
so we did our best to be ambassadors of the Great Outdoors.

 I only took pictures down by the creek, so here we have some wild flora and fauna:

 I love the little futuristic-space-craft shadows that the water spiders make.
 Walking on water. Impressive little guy, impressive.
What the heck are you? Answer: Damsel Nymph. This is kind of a let down being that you are neither nymph-y or damsel-y. But my wild research definitely uncovered the scope of human hobbies. I found this species name on a professor's blog who studies Central Virginian aquatic insects in his spare time. I really appreciate that. Everyone's got their thing. The weirder the better. I had a professor of illustration in college who was really interested in snail reproduction.

Do you have any unusual hobby or interest? Feel free to share...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to the drawing board

This has been a crazy week already.. and it's only Tuesday. Anyone else having a weird week? I'm feeling like a disembodied space cadet. The last half of my day, I was sleepwalking, now sleep typing. Maybe I can channel some of that ethereal essence into my artwork. I'm back in the work room getting ready for an event this Thursday.
To light the creative burner, I often like to take a look at this fashion series by Nick Knight (*costume by Galliano?). I love the flower space helmet and the ties that come from the middle of the shoe.

 Photograph by Nick Knight
  Photograph by Annie Leibovitz

* When I want to credit a photoshoot, the photographer is easy to find, but what about the costume designers and stylists?

I watched a series on Annie Leibovitz, and though I think she is a kingpin when it comes to photography, in the documentary she just came onto the scene, grabbed the camera (that already had the manual settings loaded), snapped a few pictures, and left.

Now I've never been on a high-dollar photoshoot for Vogue (surprise), but with the heavy lifting provided by the lighting people, set designers, costume creaters and stylists, practically the only thing left to do is point the camera. Yet the photographers seem to retain rights to the entire process.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

sketchbook pages from class

E and I broke out the primer for a make up class with Ms. Marian Filali last week. If you know me, then you know that I do not know anything about make up. If you happen to be like me, I've scanned in my notes to give you the 101.