Thursday, September 30, 2010

Handwriting Analysis

Lately I've renewed my interest in handwriting analysis. It's a facinating science, full of mysteries to unravel and unspoken truth. I've noticed on my own some consitencies in the theories and most of them seem like common sense one brought to light.

Some examples: Light pressure = reluctance to make an impact. Ascending writing = positive outlook. Tight writing = narrow-mindedness. Overly large capital letters = the need for attention.

Many graphologist suggest that consciously and habitually changing the "unhealthy" aspects of your handwriting can help make changes in your life. Amazing that this is used as a legittamate therapy. The book that I've recently read tells me I may be self-destructive by my signature. Reaaally? Well, I've been thinking that I've sort of outgrown it anyway, so I may try to find one that suits me better!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Silver Lake in the morning. Hey little ducky

We took a trip up to June Lake this past weekend. There is nowhere like it. I swear things vibrate differently up there. Or maybe it's a lack of vibrating - there's probably a lot less radio, internet, phone and stress waves in the air. My friend and I have really vivid dreams when we are up there. And this past trip was no exception - crystal clear, unusual, inspired dreams.

We camped out at this lake back up into the (High Sierras) mountains; it's called Silver Lake (a few miles from June Lake.) It was so cold in the morning. We were huddled together in the back of the truck like alpine climbers. When the sun finally did come up, suddenly it was in the 90s. From Long Johns to shorts, how?

The leaves are just starting to change, but everything looks yellow in the setting sun.
We had just muscled that truck up a rock and dirt mount - living out his Chevrolet commercial dreams.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010