Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Bradbury

painting by Les Edwards 2005

To Mr. Ray Bradbury who is 90 this year!
The man behind the books.

(I read he didn't approve of Michael Moore using the name Fahrenheit 9/11 for his film.)
The Twilight Zone

"Science is no more than an investigation of a miracle we can never explain,
and art is an interpretation of that miracle."

— Ray Bradbury (The Martian Chronicles)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My heart is very heavy today. My grandpa is very sick, and I think the severity and reality of what is happening has basically just hit me.

My family has been very fortunate. All of my grandparents have been in good health. And I am blessed to have a good relationship with all of them. I know them as people, as friends, as comedians on one hand, and sages on the other.

I am going home at the end of the week to see everyone and specifically my Papa Roy, my favorite cowboy.

50th wedding anniversary

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super Size Supper

According to this study, our urge to super size meals out lives McDonalds.
They found serving sizes in paintings of the “Last Supper” have grown by two thirds over the past millennium.

Cornell University study

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sub Logic

1,2 Discovery Magazine, 3 Hubble, 4 Monks: Photo by Dang Ngo in Vietnam

Dreaming about far away places that might not even be 3-dimensional,
that my brain cannot even fact check.

Two Songs for this state of mind:

I Forget It's There by Lay Low

Searching for Heritage by John Butler
*This song is like heaven to me, and so ironically it was shown to me by my most atheist friend.  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dodgers from the sidelines

Dr. Shibat has been treating Dodgers and Dodger personnel for a while, so with his cousin in town from Japan, he decided to bring us all to watch a game field side! It was a far cry from the norm, and there's nothing like spending a good Sunday with some of my favorite people. The only thorn was that my baseball-lovin cousin and uncle just left town. They would have gone crazy for this!

Feeling like rockstars with our badges. Huddling around Dodger pitcher Kuroda.

The Master at work. Shibat treating Huo.

Huo, with his happy arm, breaks out his pitching skills in the eigth inning.

We kind of forgot to explain what the heck baseball was to the friends from Japan. They looked pretty bored, but of course were very polite.  

The infamous Dodger Dog.

Actions shots without the 30000mm lenses the pros were using.

Jamey Carroll .. those look like my old sneakers

Power skid into home base.

After the game, ready for some sushi in J-town!
Note do not put sushi into stomach when Dodger Dog is already there.

Thanks Shibat!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Put away those tempting tea cups, I want weapons of mass destruction

He's a fighter, but not such a lover
The reason spy/comic novels are awesome is because they are in all ways liberated from reality. If the hero wants to take on the world, he can. Money, power, evil, weapons: no enemy - despite their realistic muscle - is too great for the comicbook hero. He always wins. Defeats the bad guys. Fights with impeccable cunning and skill. Pulls a few quick ones. Throws out some Bronson lines. And of course, wins the girl. Sometimes, when your non-fiction books are getting you down, all you need is just a good dose of ridiculous.

I didn't realize until I was reading The Gun Seller that the author, Hugh Laurie, is a well-known actor. At first I held that against him, but by and by I came to overlook the fact that he has other talents and began to appreciate his writing for just that. He’s funny; the book is full of great metaphors and original lines delivered with cinematic fanfare. His hero, Thomas Lang, is just what the genre ordered – a master of all trades, morally sound, witty, brave, tough and resourceful, everything a Steven Seagal wants to be. Slowly he unravels a conspiracy to stage a terrorist act in order to bolster weapon sales, a concept probably not a stones throw from the truth. But sadly, Lang’s single-handed Dick Tracy-style challenge to the system of weapons sales is as imaginary as it gets. I suppose that’s the appeal.

As a girl, I have to chuck a few at him for the love element of the story. The female character is pretty watery and doesn’t really have enough page time or substance to warrant the hero’s motivation. I’ll let him off the hook though. With so many decoys, jail breaks, close calls, and bad guys on the loose, it can be hard to find time for your soft side.


"...Once assembled, the Javelin is capable of performing one job supremely well. It shoots down helicopters. That's why I'd asked for it, you see. Rayner would have got be a teasmaid, or a hair-dryer, or a BMW convertible, if I'd paid the right money. But I'd said, no, Bob. Put away those tempting things. I want a Javelin..."

El Rey show

Some pictures from El Rey show last week. Blogger makes the formating weird, so I put them into a nice little thing led to another...

Thanks to all my good people for coming out and supporting. Though we had some setbacks, everything came off really well.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Music: Fever Ray

After months of trudging through the desert of bad hip-hop and weird ambient, I've found my own little oasis of excellent music. And not a minute to soon. I was starving for some sound food.

Fever Ray

Swedish musician, Karin Andersson of the electronic duo The Knife, released her first solo album under the name Fever Ray in March 09. When I first stumbled on this video for her song, ""When I grow up," I got goosebumps. It is that eerie. She is known for her costumes, most of which seem to be like pagan witches or hippie ghosts. I have to admit they do create a very chilling vibration along with her music. I can't get over the beats and atmosphere she creates. I might almost compare her music to Bjork - it's the same combination of wailing and synthetic orchestration. They both seem very committed and secure in the direction of their art. But there is a significant difference. Fever Ray paints a full picture, where Bjork has always left me feeling (pleasantly) Schizophrenic. When I put on Fever Ray, it’s like I am being transported to a Druid ceremony. Somehow she's conjuring up mist and hooded strangers in the moonlight - all while actually singing (slightly incoherently) about eating snow and throwing boomerangs.

Now's the Only Time I Know ( I think my favorite)