Wednesday, July 28, 2010

chocolate samples and drawing

El Rey Friday

El Rey Theater in Hollywood will be jamming this Friday with Andy Grammer opening with Mateo and Elizaveta.

I'm making the costume and styling E.
see you there!

become convinced of the insubstantiality of a problem

at a subatomic level, we are comprised of photons. According to quantum theory, observing photons can change their properties. Photons are just light. If problems within the body - disease, sickness, discomfort - at a fundamental level are just a pattern of high-energy light, then they can be reconfigured based on how we choose to observe them..
"become convinced of the insubstantiality of a problem"
- R. Barlett

sketches & words

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"The guiding star should be love, pure motivations for what is good for everyone, what is right, what is ultimately true. Nothing is ultimately more true than our connection to each other.

This is not always what is written, what is policy, what is asked of you. Keep quiet and in tune. "

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table

The Food and Drug Administration is seriously considering whether to approve the first genetically engineered animal that people would eat — salmon that can grow at twice the normal rate. [read more...]

I guess I should spare my opinion it's probably blaringly obvious. President Obama has banned GMO food from his dinning room table, but we, in America, cannot even get it labeled.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

McGrath Farm

Here's a few snaps from the field trip up to Oxnard. The McGrath family graciously hosted us for a few hours of organic greatness at their farm. I drove one of the vans and forced the kids to listen to something other than Lil' Wayne and Katy Perry. Mission Complete. Ha! It took some cajoling, but they just might be Fever Ray and Imogen Heap fans now. Success!
There is nothing like a day out in the fresh air and plants. If we all took badphotos, it would still be more than worth it.

Mr. Phil McGrath giving a tour
Mr. McGrath was so nice to let us pick through the raspberries and strawberries. They were delicious! Organic and sweet, we all ate so much we had stomach aches. The best strawberries I've ever had, hands down.
"Photography? Forget that, I'm hunting strawberries." In case you were wondering, this city-sponsored program (Kids with Cameras) is designed to raise awareness of local farmers and locally grown food. By having kids from centers like the Boys and Girls Club taking photos of fresh food weekly under the supervision of professional photographers, they learn about the cameras, but they are also learning about real, healthy, local, organic food. It's a great project; I'm really happy to be a part of it.  
The photos will be on display in October.

Two of my favorite plants Tubular Roses and Lavender! I brought home a bouquet of the roses, and I don't think I've ever smelled anything so sweet. My house is like a regal Victorian garden.

We took the Pacfic Coast Highway on the way back. The kids were awe-struck by the ocean, so we stopped and threw rocks in the water and took pictures.

Oh my gosh it wasn't in the schedule! I've come to realize that these tightly run ships really have lost the essense of what it means to be a mentor. So constrained by bullet-points and goals, they've missed the importance of the process itself. They place no value in the people or the quality of the work. Corporate - Non-profit America. But sometimes we win, which of course means the kids win.

Monday, July 19, 2010

last chance ever for "Breakfast with Chopin" cds

This is the last chance for you to EVER buy Elizaveta's Breakfast with Chopin EP with artwork by me : ) haha Armageddon 

It was independently recorded and published so there are only a limited number available. 

"BWC is a really unique project; Elizaveta  has written original songs to some of the classic pieces by Chopin, Beethoven and others. She is a classically trained pianist and vocalist (from Russia) and about to record her next album, so she is making the last of these super unique EPs available. 

Makes a great gift. You'll have my perty artwork and Elizaveta's amazing sound! Get one now before they are all gone!   more info

photo, outfit, hair and flowers by me
from show at the Stronghold in Venice
(a sad note, Stronghold is soon to be no longer - what an awesome venue, you can see the 50s detective doors in the background).

Next show (come if you are in Los Angeles)
El Rey Theater, July 30.
See you there

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lilith Fair

Lilith Fair Los Angeles 2010
(well, techincally in Irvine, Orange County)

My costume, hair, and designs complimented the brilliant musican (and my dear friend) Elizaveta at the Lilith Fair tour on Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here are some photos, although I forgot to get some of me! Blah, kind of stinks because I worked my All Access Pass hard - eating copious amounts of catered food, ducking into press areas, meeting and greeting the VIPs, and using the special crew bathroom(highlight)*... and yet there's no evidence. 

*They changed the majority of the fairground bathrooms into women's bathrooms. There were literally 4 or 5 guys at this event.

The flower arrangement that I made, which also attaches to the arm. I made the top also.

Looking wood nymphy prior to stage time.

 I got down into the fenced area with the photographers who had cameras bigger than computers.

She played a bunch of songs for the new CD. None are recorded yet, but soon.
Music and excellent writing on her blog at

After the performance, there was a press conference.
Aside from Elizaveta, I was most excited to see the folky lady next to her:
Deb Talan from The Weepies. They were fantastic.
She was really genuine and down to earth; and of course I like the cut of her jib,
no make-up, no trandy fashion.
Two of my favorite tunes: "Gotta Have You" and "The World Spins Madly On"

Girl Time. Yes, I was in the front like press. haha. Sarah liked it.
Discussing Russian spies

Elly finished up her performance as the press conference was starting, so we arrived a little late.
When she came in Sarah McLaughlin commented on how much she liked her outfit.
She said E looked like a goddess.

I have to say there was a very nice vibe to the "Sisterhood" Tour.
All of the women were very honest and kind, very nonpretentious.

Later on - the big stage at the amiptheater.

With the possible exception of a Rufus Wainwright concert,
I don't think I've ever been checked out so much in my life.
Grand finale at the end. Skinny jeans and boots unite.

Kids with Cameras

We are working on a fun project at Boys and Girls Club. The Santa Monica Bay Area Human Relations Council sponsors a program where kids learn about photography by take educational field trips with local photographers. This year they are focusing on farmers markets, so we have been taking the kids (and their borrowed cameras) all over Santa Monica: to the farmers market, to the community gardens, to a restaurant where they cook with vegetables.... and next week to a farm near Oxnard.

 I was pop quizzing the kids on their veggie knowledge. It's an uphill battle. They dont have veggies on the menu at McDonalds. But the kids like the "what is this? challenge." And being outside amid the plants and flowers is food for for all of us. We should relocate the BGC facility.

Dodgers with the fam

The Dodgers actually won!