Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Kevin Bacon Game with Goodie Mob

Broken Bells is the collaboration of Danger Mouse and Shins’ frontman James Mercer. This track - Mongrel Heart – is my new favorite. The beat is so good.

I’m a big Shins fan. The songwriting, the lyrics, the delivery, I really think they are master craftsmen. For this song, though, it’s not a matter of skill or delivery. I believe the lyrics work, but Mercer’s voice is just kind of high and peppy for me. It needs something a little more haunting. My feel on Danger Mouse is the opposite. I heard some of his solo work, and didn’t really catch the vibration. But his beats in this collaboration are magical. I can’t stop listening to this track.

Danger Mouse and J. Mercer

Danger Mouse and Cee-lo

Can't forget the other great collaboration. Gnarls Barkley. I love all of their photo shoots. The music is not bad either. It's smart. I like their style and Cee-lo has got Goodie Soul

With Goodie Mob "circa 95." (That's a Shins lyric, see how all this is coming together. I'm sure Shins and Goodie Mob would just love to come together.)
My point is that Cee-lo is basically the most optimistic, feel-good, half-full rapper I've ever heard.

It's such a blessing when my eyes / Get to see the sun rise / To get further away from where I've been / But I'll never forget everything I went through / I appreciate the shit because / If I hada went and took the easy way / I wouldn't be the strong nigga that I am today / Everything that I did / Different thangs I was told / Just ended up being told for my soul 

Ain't never had allot but thankful for / The little that I got why not be
I thank the Lord that my voice was record-able 

Soul Food by Goodie Mob. 1995

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Little Monster who invaded our bathroom a while back. I had never seen a hairy red bum or eyes like that before so I looked it up.

This is a Phidippus from the family of jumping spiders. Jumping Spiders!! Yikes!
They jump on their prey and bite.

But admittedly those monsters eyes are kinda cute.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Romeo

Romeo, you stole my heart with the goodness of your own. Forever blessed by your love. I wish you the happiest year yet. Love, m

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex

I watched "Der Baader-Meinhof Komplex" last night. I recommend it, if only for the zeitgeist captured in the film. It was an incredibly tumultuous time with uprising and ideologies ablaze all over the globe. This film dramatizes the actions of the Red Army Faction, a violent leftist group that formed in Germany in response to Vietnam-involvement and the post-World War II political climate. They were responsible for numerous attacks and violent operations.

My understanding of this history is not based on multiple sources. Also it's impossible for a film to walk away untouched by bias. That said, the RAF looked like crazy, stupid, soulless kids. There seemed to be no humanity among them. And scarcely any ideology. Perhaps this is a viewpoint painted by the film, but the group's actions looked to be led by the shear excitement of violence and then backed by what looks to be their only legitimate member - Ulrike Meinhof. She was a sympathetic journalist who eventually lost her footing and became involved intimately after abetting Baader's escape from jail. I find her the most compelling of the clan. She seemed to struggle with her inability to act. In ways, it's almost as if she envied the two brazen youth, who were quick with their guns and anger. She needed their courage, and they needed her rationalizations. She was the voice of the group, distributed through written pamphlets and press. She was also any shred of authenticity they had, representing the difference between a terrorist and a political group. Though they berated her, she remained loyal to the cause.

the original 3 members

Andreas Baader
He was supposed to have a lisp and was a little unsightly.
Got to love film. He's played by the beautiful Moritz Bleibtreu.

 The  German trailer was straight forward. 
 I watched the English version and all of a sudden it looked like a Guy Ritchie film...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oil Spill

Ugg, just to keep this horrible event in the forefront here are some pictures. We were talking about it at work on Friday and a guy in his mid-twenties was saying, "what?"

I was shocked that this guy hadn't heard of what's been happening since April 20.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If paradise was a house

I basically found the pieces for an ultimate paradisiacal abode.

to look up words like paradisiacal..
source unknown (if you know it, please send it)

with plants, maps, specimens, and field notes

sources unknown

two colorful bathrooms to choose from, for reading and soaking

sources unknown

something about blue..shades of  thoughtfulness over tea and english muffins

like sleeping outside, magical