Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Favorite Matisse

This is one of my favorite photographs. Towards the end of Matisse's life he was confined to his bed. It was still neccessary for him to create. He improvised with a stick and paint on his wall. That kind of creative spirit is beautiful. This picture will always be a reminder to never let life's challenges keep you down.

The Thousand and One Nights, 1950
This is one of my favorites. Maybe because it looks like a page out of his sketch/cut-out book.
Matisse was 81 when he created this one, inspired by Scheherazade, the heroine of the eipc Arabian Nights.

Large Red Interior. 1848

Interior with Phonograph

Friday, May 7, 2010

Indiana Jones

We moved! And for the first time in my life really I have a space for a personal office/art table/desk. This is bringing me good cheer, because since I was a kid I've wanted to walk into Indiana Jones' office (in Last Crusade).
Contents of my office:
Pictures of people that I love and miss. Scattered all over the globe and beyond.. now.

Some cool things I have acquired:

Found a microscope at a yard sale last weekend! It's from the 70s and still has all of the old specimens with it! A frog, shrimp, silkworm, and  something else in goo. Also it comes with dangerous chemicals to preserve your own specimens. I love that bygone era, when safety was in your own hands.

I know they are kind of overdone but Jones would have one in his office, so should I. Also found this at the yard sale. It works like a helicopter and also follows the aforementioned rules of safety. No hand holding. Seriously could lose digits with this thing, but looks cool.

I found the coolest map ever a few years back in a tiny thrift shop in Santa Barbara. A map of Southeast Asia circa 1939!

I love this thing. The greens and blues are so saturated and stained. It's amazing to muse over the continent with no Cambodia or Vietnam (Indochina), no Indonesia (Netherland Indies), Singapore was the capital of the Malay States. It's fascinating to think this was printed when the area was overrun with French colonists who  were holding on to their European ways in the buzz of cultures and landmarks that were yet untouched. They say Cambodia has a quality of "changlessness". And thinking about the countryside, I can imagine a French woman dressed in her imported fabrics, looking out and seeing the same cattle grazing and the same young men on their boats skimming across the water with their fishing nets.

Monday, May 3, 2010

More Space is a Revolving Door

I still could use some plants, greenery or an open window and giant field of grass. But if you are born and raised in a big city, this might just be your cup of tea. Tea buried behind three walls. Just kidding, ingenious design.