Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sally Mann

Sally Mann

I cut this picture out of a magazine years ago. It fascinated me. The girl looks like a spirit; an innocent unbridled vortex, the maker of the storm - but completely unaware. It's almost unhuman. Beautiful, slightly spooky.

Last night we watched a short documentary about art in the 21st century. One of the artist they profiled was Sally Mann, a photographer who works out of her home in Virginia. She fascinated me as well. Her quirks were something mental and even added a new dimension to her work. She seemed on the verge of sanity. Her children were often the subjects of her work. Now they are grown and their perspective on their mom is equally interesting. I have a respect for real artists. Whatever I've defined as a "real artist" in my head, she fits the bill. It's an eccentricity, a vision, and a priority. In rare moments I consider myself an artist. But I am not a walking channel like Mann. It's inspirational and fascinating.

When this picture came up, I was reminded of my obsession with it back in school. I had no idea who she was then, and I didn't know what she was about. Now that I know this picture is her work, it has reawakened my interest.

Sally Mann

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Book

I'm fascinated by Carl Jung's Red Book. Can't wait to get a look at the illustrations at the Hammer Museum hopefully this weekend. And hear a panel discussion about his work. I went to a psychology seminar hosted by the Orange County Carl Jung Club a few years back. I had a great time listening to some insightful speeches, laughing at some pompous egos and stretching my brain muscle. I'm dragging my Mr. to this forum hopefully, because dreams are the most interesting topic. 

Hosted by the Hammer Museum 

"The father of Archetypal Psychology, James Hillman is a leading scholar in Jungian thought and is recognized as a leading critic and observer of contemporary culture. Sonu Shamdasani is an historian of psychology and psychiatry and the Philemon Professor of Jung History at the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at University College, London. He is the author of several books, including Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology: The Dream of a Science. In 2009 he edited and translated Jung’s Red Book." 


Land Foam

I'm really liking this adjustable rug/furniture combo from Shin Yamashita, a student at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. It's called Land Peel, and consists of a foam floor covering which also has panels that flip up and fold, to become any sort of furniture you might need. "From a table, to a backrest, to a drink tray, to a footrest, to a pillow."

It doesn't look completely comfortable, but when I think about it, I generally sit like this on the floor anyway. 

thanks roman: from fast company