Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alex Honnold

If you have watched 60 minutes or any sensationalized TV news recently, you've probably heard of Alex Honnold. He's the super mellow, Sacramento-native, who's been living out of a van for years, climbing the vertical cliffs of Yosemite... without a rope. In the rock climbing world, he's like a demigod. Even the people who hate him are in awe. They think he's not long for this world, and man I hope they are wrong. But what human never makes a mistake. How long can you continue to gamble on absolutely zero human error at 2000 feet?

Vertigo about ready to commence:


Anonymous said...

haha rad! you arent going to be doing that are you?

Missy said...

eh no. haha. I like my rope.