Monday, April 14, 2014

Sua Suday Chnam Tmey

Happy Cambodian New Year. I love this time of year; I get to vicariously celebrate Cambodia's biggest holiday, relive some of my favorite memories from parties in Phnom Penh, and rope my friends into going to LBC with me eat to unhealthy amounts of Cambodian food.

We usually visit Sophy's. The beef jerky is so good, though I should mention I never had anything like it in Cambodia. They do make lemongrass soup (Somlaw Machu Kreung) which has that "good old taste." I met a girl on the plane to Cambodia. She invited me to take a detour after I got off the plane to come eat at her family's house. I did of course and have that phrase stuck in my head, because that's what she said when her mom brought out the soup. "Ahh that good old taste." 

(pic I took from Cambodian New Years festival in Long Beach a few years ago)


Socheata said...

Suo sdey chnam thmey mitt​ phokte! jeh piasah khmai!

Angela said...

I thought Swahili was your new language