Wednesday, April 16, 2014

music video debut

The music video debuted today! Happy watching!
Congrats to my great friend Elizaveta for her new ep release "Hero" check it out on itunes.

Film Credits include:
Song: "Sorry" by Elizaveta
Dancers: Malece Miller and Nico Greetham from SYTYCD
Director: Nicolas Randall
Cinematography: Isaac Bauman
Choreography: Ryan Heffington
Style/Props: i102fly
Makeup: Kali Kennedy
Video Editing: Stephane Pereira


amy tanik said...

amazing beautiful! love it! great job!

jessica b said...

wowowo really LOVE, I remember that girl from so you think you can dance, she's wonderful!

gillian said...

siuerwiuefgvslkj gooooo giiirrrrrl