Monday, November 26, 2012


He gave me a box filled to the brim with little things. I brought it home, turned on a lamp, and sat down on the floor. Pulled out a card that we had given him for his birthday. One never expects to get their gifts back in this way. Patches from Nepal and Vietnam, books on the Black Panthers, Rapidiographs and pen nibs, Japanese stationary, Lakota Indian sweat ceremony instructions, my heart sank with every piece. How strange it is to be left with this. But how comforting "things" can be in their ability to allow you to hold on to what we perceive as lost.

Perhaps that is why people lose their shit grabbing for crap when loved ones die. In some cases it is cold greed, and sickening. But sometimes, I think the materialism that follows death is just another form of grief. Perhaps we should be a little more understanding of relatives who dive like vultures into pieces that are left.

Grizzly Bear - Gun Shy 
(from the Shields album)   x Thanks Miles for bringing this fantastic album to my attention.


  Hey everybody.... Guess what!

I'm going to Africa! 

Destination: Tanzania. Kilimanjaro Mountain. 

The picture above is me resting my aching legs. Also in the picture are our two friends who are hiking Kilimanjaro with us. They've been helping us train for a couple months. I never thought it could be that difficult to hike... or essentially walk miles on end, but 12 - 14 miles of uphill and steep downhill is no joke, crying loudest: my knees. 

In total there will be five of us attempting to reach the highest peak in Africa. And afterwards some animal watching/safari, and beach lounging/Zanzibar Island. 

Really I'm just looking forward to drawing and painting.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Took my first climbing technique class tonight. I'm going to be so much better! The guy who taught the class was incredibly good at both climbing and articulating how to climb. The mark of a teacher. Truly a talent in and of itself.

Also I have some freak mutant bananas on my counter that have been green for about three weeks, they really didn't want to depart the tree.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Getting the prints in from the printer today. Working on some last minute things. It's going to be wild to see all of this up on the wall.